Da Vinci Exhibit 26.2-18.4 federation pavilion hangar 11 site tel aviv port
Da Vinci Exhibit 26.2-18.4 federation pavilion hangar 11 site tel aviv port

״The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of״


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*Disabled persons - 45 shekels at the box office upon presentation of an ID card
Da Vinci Exhibit 26.2-18.4 federation pavilion hangar 11 site tel aviv port The Vitruvian Man In 1490, da Vinci drew a sketch that would later become among the most famous in the world – a figure presented in two positions, intended to display the ideal proportions of the human body and the connection between anatomy, geometry and art. The square emphasizes the identical dimensions of arm span and height, while the circle, with the navel in the middle, blocks the spread arms and legs. True to da Vinci, even his seemingly “technical” sketch became a work of art and some even claim that the Vitruvian Man’s face is a self-portrait. The text accompanying the sketch is translated from the classic book written by Vitruvius (15-80 B.C.). This fact gave the sketch its name – “The Vitruvian Man”.


On the 500th year anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, we are proud to present a fascinating and colorful exhibition at Tel Aviv Port, devoted to the universal genius; a Renaissance man whose infinite curiosity is matched only by his power of invention.

Come see the world through the eyes of one of the greatest inventors in history; a scientist, a mathematician, an engineer, an inventor, a painter, a sculptor, and an architect who was considered hundreds of years ahead of his time.

In this exhibition, dozens of giant machines inspired by Da Vinci’s plans and sketches will be exhibited in Israel for the first time, alongside new technologies that will create a fascinating and mesmerizing visual experience. Drawings, sketches, giant figures, moving physical models, holograms, screenings, and activities – all in a fascinating and interactive atmosphere suitable for the entire family – both young and old.

The exhibition will be displayed for a limited time – 26.2-18.4

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״The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding״

Da Vinci Exhibit 26.2-18.4 federation pavilion hangar 11 site tel aviv port

Frequently asked questions

Sunday – Thursday: 09: 00-21: 00
Fri: 9 am – 3 pm
Saturday: 18: 00-22: 00

The box office will open about half an hour before the opening of the exhibition and
the entrance to the exhibition will be closed about an hour before closing.

Light rail is not yet in Tel Aviv, but there is a wide range of other options to reach the
exhibition area.

Train: Tel Aviv University Lions: Take the bus to the Tel Aviv port –
Namal Tel Aviv – (line 122). Buses from Savidor Central Station: line 55.
Bus: Any bus arriving at Tel Aviv Port – Namal Tel Aviv or Reading Station will bring
you to the exhibition. Sample lines: 5,9,11,55 and more. Getting to the port (Namal)
by public transport is convenient and recommended.

Of course! The Federation hall as part of the Hangar 11 complex is fully disabled
friendly. If you still need help, do not hesitate to ask any staff member and we will
be happy to help.

Hangar 11 is located in the Tel Aviv port (Namal Tel Aviv) and is surrounded by a
number of parking lots. Payment for parking in the actual port is made at the exit

We strongly recommend getting to the area by public transport! If you decide to
arrive by car, you can purchase an unlimited time discount parking sticker at the
Leonardo Da Vinci 500 exhibition for NIS 25 (after parking your car).

The exhibition’s sessions represent only the anticipated entrance time in order to
control the audience at any given moment and avoid overcrowding. There is no
restriction on the length of stay at the exhibition, except the daily times of closing in
the evenings.

No, a few moments after placing your order, you will be sent an email and an SMS to
with your tickets. Getting in with this link is enough.

The entry of food and drink into the compound is prohibited. At the Exhibition shop
you can enjoy fine Italian coffee and other delicacies.

Da Vinci Exhibit 26.2-18.4 federation pavilion hangar 11 site tel aviv port

״I have always felt it is my destiny to build a machine that would allow man to fly״

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